SlickShit is, has been, and always will be:

Rev. Jim Dufek

Jim D.

Jim was born on February 27 to two loving parents. He was always cared for growing up, but Jim still felt he needed more. So at the age of 15, Jim began a life of drugs. And not that pansy pot shit-- we're talking hard core drugs, like Tylenol and Chapstick. It wasn't until Jim moved to a nice Deed Restricted Community in Gainesville, FL that he was able to put his drug problem behind him. Since then, Jim has been working hard on his "STOP PROSTITUTION" campaign and giving all his money to scientology and whore houses. In the little spare time he has, he is creating a movie empire with long time drug dealer Matt Kannenberg!

Matt Kannenberg

Matt K.

Matt was born in St. Petersburg, and loved every second of it. He found himself inspired by the beauty of his urban locale; the complex irony of a flower growing in the sidewalk, the sexual beauty of the female "power walk" - and expressed this inspiration by taping things to other things, and urinating on deed restricted neighborhoods. His parents left him with a baby sitter one night to attend a local midget race, and never returned. When he reached the tender age of 12, the baby sitter - who had taken him in as her own - told him it was time to move out of the car they had called home, and on to the promise of his own life.

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