SlickShit Correspondence:

SlickShit is starting to send correspondents around the world to search for interesting things to make films about. Currently there are no new trips, but hopefully soon SlickShit will be taking on another exciting voyage! The last completed trip was two summers ago to Canada, below are links to pictures we took while on the trip. Enjoy!

Pictures from Canada:

Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6 - Day 7 - Day 8

Man Pissing

A great picture of a local Canadian.


01/08/03 - OK, not a whole bunch happening at SlickShit. Matt is working and Jim is back in skool, but they are planning on begining a new film REALLY soon and there is also a plan to redo all of SlickShit. There will probably be a new html site followed by a BRAND NEW FLASH SITE! That's it for now! Happy New Year!

12/27/02 - SlickShit just joined and opened a cool SlickShit store. We now offer a huge variety of SlickShit endorsed products, like frisbees, coffee mugs, thongs, lunch boxes and more, in addition to our T-Shirts! Click here to check out all the SlickShit products. If there is something you want to see that we don't offer, send us an email @ - Oh, if you are a girl and buy a SlickShit thong and send us a picture of you weraing it, we will gladly pay you back for your purchase! :)

Also, here are the pictures from the Film Festival where Anna Nicole was played:
Film Festival Picts

12/21/02 - Well since SlickShit always brings your the news last, we wanted to be the first to show you what an asshole Santa is. Yes, we all know how this goes against everything we were taught (with the exception of our Jewish friends who hate Santa), but we need to show the REAL truth. Today, Jim had a long conversation with Santa (a.k.a. Satan) on AOL and posted his eye opening IM on here for all to read. So without anymore delay here is - Santa hates everyone and doesn't care!

12/19/02 - Jesh, we are such slack asses! Sorry everyone. Well, here is the news @ SS - Matt just released a new song under his solo project "SteamFactory". It is called "Short Eyes" and kicks ass! click here to check it out. On the film site of things, Matt and Jim are working on some new ideas and plan to have the Nelly & Gap Music Video Parodies out soon. In fact, we are casting people for both videos, mostly women since the Nelly video is just him with a bunch of women and the Gap commercial is also mostly women. So if you are interested, send an email to and tell us about yourself. Also, we will be posting picts from the film festival next week. Well, Happy Holidays!

11/06/02 - Well we would like to tell everyone that the viewing of "The Anna Nicole Show Parody" at the Gainesville Underground Film Festival went great! Unfortunately we didn't win any prizes, but if you could have heard the audiences reaction, well lets just say we won the best comedy award! Monday night's show was amazing. The audience was laughing so loud you couldn't even hear the movie and at the end their applause lasted into the start of the next film. Tuesday night featured a guest appearance by Anna Nicole himself and both Anna and Jim were interviewed for a local news channel. Unfortunately most of the audience on Tuesday had never seen the real Anna Nicole Show, so they were only laughing at the REAL funny parts. We will have some pictures posted in the next few days. Thanks to all our friends and family who came out to show their support - it was really nice of you to show up!

Other than that, Matt and Jim are planning two Anna Nicole episodes and a film about "PIMPS."

11/03/02 - Alrighty, SlickShit has got some big news. This coming Monday and Tuesday night (November 4 & 5) our latest film "The Anna Nicole Show Parody" is being played at the Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville, FL. This viewing is part of the Gainesville Underground Film Festival. For those of you interested in coming, the show begins at 7:00 p.m. both nights and the Anna Nicole Show goes on around 9:30 p.m. both nights. Tickets are $3 at the door. So get off your lazy asses and come on over to SlickShit's big show -- it'll make you laugh! Oh, on Tuesday night at the show, Anna Nicole herself will be making a special guest appearance to sign autographs and take pictures. We will post all the pictures on the site after the festival! See you there!

10/22/02 - Well, not too much news. Matt and Jim are taking a well deserved rest after making the Anna Nicole Show, we are about to put out a newsletter soon, and in the next few days there will be a new contest! That is it for now, email us if you have any new ideas!

10/16/02 - OK...ANNA NICOLE SHOW PARODY IS DONE!!! Well, it was a lot of fun, but it kicked our @sses. Matt and Jim worked almost 25 hours straight on it and are now sleeping in classes to catch up on their sleep. The video is on the site, but due the the length of it, we only offer it on Real Player Lo and Windows Media Player Hi. If you order a SlickShit DVD or VHS, you get it for free and if you buy the DVD, you get all kinds of cool outtakes. Well, I guess that is about it, we are sending the Anna Nicole Show to a film festival in Gainesville, FL and to all the Big Wigs @ Conan, SNL, and Comedy Central! Click here to watch it or to get a SlickShit DVD or VHS.

Click here to check out picts from the set!

10/09/02 - Well, we would like to inform everyone about our newest film, "The Anna Nicole Show." For those of you who don't know about it, The Anna Nicole Show is a stupid show about that fat bitch Anna Nicole and is on E!. We feel that it is so stupid we have to make a parody of it. With all that in mind, we have already begun working on it. But the big news is that this weekend, yes, October 11 - 13 we will finish filming it and edit it so that we can have it online by next week. We hope everyone will want to watch it and buy a DVD. So, sit back, watch E!, get pissed at Anna and then get ready to have SlickShit make you laugh! Enjoyski!

09/28/02 - OK, SlickShit would like to say that we are working on a new film that is a parody of the Anna Nicole Smith Show. For those of you who have never watched it, good don't waste your life. For those who have, sorry that you had to be subjected to such a horrible 30 minute waste. Well, either way, make sure you see the show again and then get ready for SlickShit's contribution to Miss Anna. should be done in a couple of weeks.

In other news, some of you might have gotten an email talking about POP3 and Popcorn and stuff. Well, it is just a security change if you use Outlook/Netscape Composer/ or Eudora to check your SlickShit email account. If you only use your SlickShit account through the web this does NOT effect you. If you are still confused, email SlickShit @ -
email@slickshit.organd we will help you out.

08/17/02 - Well, not too much news. Jim remastered the DVD and fixed some problems with the buttons. Not like and of you care. Other than that we changed to order page and removed VCD, only because the quality sucks and it would be a waste of time making it since our cool interactive menu does not work with it. Well, Jim and Matt have been talking with a new actor about playing Jesus in the film "Hanging wif Jesus." and everything seems to be going well. That's it for now. New contest next weekend!

08/07/02 - OK, finally we are all proud to announce that the SlickShit film - Gandhi and His Lil Yo-Yo of fury - is DONE! It is way behind schedule, but it is done and ready to go! If you want to see the trailer of it go to the Films Selection. If you want to see the whole movie, we are sorry but you have to buy a DVD or VHS. We did lower the prices so you can find the money in your couch. It is $10 for all the SlickShit films and for another $3 you can also get the Scotty2Hotty films. Well, that is it for now. Matt and Jim are making some more films right now and hopefully they will be done by the end of this month.

Oh, by the way, here are some production pictures!
Gandhi Picts
Also, you can email Gandhi @ SlickShit. His email address is

07/22/02 - Well, it has been forever since our last post, but we are pleased to announce that work on the new film Gandhi is almost complete. We will be done filming on Wednesday and then the film will be edited and should be posted online in about a week. We are also going to announce a new pricing structure for our films and will be offering our old film Lizard Lounge with all VHS and DVD sales. Plus we are throwing in an added bonus, buy a DVD and get interviews with Scotty 2 Hotty and Jim and Matt, plus get behind the scenes footage of Gandhi being made. All of this will be available in about a week and a half, so hold on and get ready!
Oh, to top off this off, we would like to say we are proud to announce our very own Scotty 2 Hotty has had a baby girl. Well, Scotty didn't actually have her, his wife did, but he took a major role in getting his wife pregnant! We will post more info about her as it is made available.

05/10/02 - OK, a week since our last post and no real news, but Matt and Jim are meeting this week to work on some new videos and the Gandhi film is rolling well! We look forward to giving you all some new material soon!

05/03/02 - Well, the new order pages are complete! We made a REAL shopping cart and have added some new options, including one to purchase Scotty 2 Hotty films. We also are offering films in DVD, VCD and VHS. (Just a warning, not all DVD players work with our DVDs, that is why we like to refer to them as GVDs - Ghetto Video Disks, however we do have a chart that shows all the currently compatible DVD players, click here to see the list.) Also, these now order pages are linked to paypal for easy, secure shopping. One last thing, the new Gandhi film will not be ready for sale for approximately two more weeks. We have done some of the shooting and are waiting to finish the shots and edit. When it is done, it will be for sale for a week and then posted on the site for download. That is it for now - go check out all the new order pages at - Films, T-Shirts, and Music!

04/17/02 - Gosh kids...lots of news to post today! First, our new editing machine finally came in. Jim is building it right now and should have it up and running by the end of this weekend. We would like to say a big thanks to Alienware for being such a crappy company! Alienware you suck! Just so you all know, we waiting over a month for one of their systems and it never came - don't buy Alienware...EVER! OK, other news. This is really big - we just finished testing a full on shopping cart for SlickShit. It even has credit card verification and all a shopping basket. It will be up and running in a couple of weeks, we just want to finish the Gandhi film before we launch the new shopping cart. Oh, also the shopping cart will feature a new selection and pricing scheme along with a format selection - DVD or VHS! Well, that is it. We will inform you all of new stuff as it happens.

04/14/02 - Well, Happy Belated Easter! We hope you found all your eggs. SlickShit had some fun on Easter too. We only have three picts to show you, but they still rule. Click on the picture below to see the rest.

03/17/02 - OK, here is the contest, write us an email @ and tell us some ideas for SlickShit. If we like your idea, we will give you a MILLION DOLLARS! If we don't like it we will just laugh. But either way write and tell us what you want - you could win a million dollars!

-Million dollars is an estimate and can be substituted for a DVD or VHS of the new set of SlickShit films or that can be substituted for a copy of The Breakfast Club. Enjoy!

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Well, the "Matt is a Pimp" contest is over. The winner is a lovely girl named Jess from Tampa, FL. Congrats Jess - hope Matt is just as you imagined!

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Future Projects:

1."Smelly - It's Gettin Cold In Here" - Yepper, this time SS is going to do a remake of one of Nelly's Award Winning Hit and let me tell you it is gonna rock!

2."Hanging wif Jesus'" - A documentary of a day in the life of Jesus in present time. Special guest appearance by God! Filming begins the mid-October.

3."Gandhi Strikes Back!" - The sequel to the smash hit Gandhi and His Lil Yo-Yo of Fury. This time Gandhi takes on the world -- or at least all the terrorists!

4."Whipped" - A Full-Length motocross film. This will be due out sometime in 2002 or early 2003. It will be available online and in motorcycle stores around Florida! - Sorry this is taking so long, but we all want it to be really good!

5. "Porno" - A film about porno. This is gonna be a good one. Special Topless Star to be announced...


Finished Projects:

1."Anna Nicole Show" - Yeah, that is right, SS did a parody of the famously stupid Anna Nicole Smith Show.

2. "Gandhi" - A comedic drama about Gandhi and his Yo-Yo!

3. "Race car" - A film about designing, building, and testing a futuristic Race car!

4. "Shopping Spree" - This is a clip show with old and new stuff. Very fun and very hip!


If you think you have a good film idea, we would love to hear about it. Send us an email and we can discuss possibly working on a film together.