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   Everyone needs to know: there is a war coming. It is going to be a civil war. People in this country are going to become angrier and angrier and say that the latest presidential election was unfair. They are going to fight against one another for the man they believe should be our president. Isn't that going to be nice? It's about time people stood up for what they believe in. And they believe strongly.
   Or, at least, they'd like to believe that they believe strongly. They ought to have a real reason to feel pride as they wave an American flag. Maybe they are tired of being complacent. Maybe they will finally strike out in some grossly inappropriate fashion.
   Wouldn't that be America in its finest form? A glaring and perhaps final demonstration of the fact that this country knows nothing of how to conduct itself - courtesy of the entire society.
The American piece de resistance.

    I can hardly wait.

   This is going to be strange, though, because the men for whom the American people will be fighting are essentially the same man. They both present facades to voters that try to come as close to neutral in the eyes of the public as possible. These men do not want anyone to have any reason to not like them.
   They hire marketers, the same people who research advertising campaigns for dish soap, and they ask them what the American people want.
   They know nothing about us, care little about us, and will do the absolute minimum possible in attending to our actual needs as a society.
   We are money to them. We are votes and we are popularity and we are a warm feeling in the heart of a person who has absolutely no clue as to the happenings of the world he seeks to rule.
   These people can not control themselves: Kennedy, Clinton, Nixon, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Bush and Reagan. Almost every American president has committed at least one offense while in office which this society views as immoral. And yet we elect and re-elect them all the time.
   Some people ask me if I understand American politics. I have to answer "no."