Old News:

02/26/02 - Well, this just keeps getting better. SlickShit just got some funds to purchase a new editing machine. Now maybe this means shit to you, but what it means to us is faster editing, more stability, more effects, and finally REAL GVD* OUTPUT. Matt and Jim are so stoked that next week already they are meeting to begin work on a new film. Also, a new film is being proposed, click here to read about it.

* = Getto Video Disk, SlickShit's own DVD format!

02/22/02 - OK, the site is done! I can finally say that the new Scotty2Hotty video - Car Wash - is online and ready for download. Also, the site's navigation is better than ever and so are some of the new colors. Next week Jim and Matt will be adding some more content, maybe even a new section. Also, the film page will be getting a new look soon, so check back, stuff will actually be updated often now!

02/19/02 - Well, by tomorrow I promise that the new Scotty2Hotty video will be online. It has just taken forever to get all the other stuff set up and we figured we would save the best for last. OK, now onto that big news! Well, Jim and Matt have made a deal to get together in the next week and make a plan for some new videos. The videos will start production soon, and should be hitting the site in the next month and then this whole summer SlickShit will be releasing new films all the time! So, we hope all of you are as happy as we are!

02/02/02 - God, about time. We have been promising a new site, and finally it is done. If you are reading this, most of the new site has been implemented. It still needs work and Matt will probably bitch about the design and redue it all again himself, but until then enjoy. Oh, Scotty2Hotty has a new film online - Car Wash. Click here to watch it in all its splendor!

10/11/01 - Well, somehow Matt got a hold of a computer in hell and posted a reply - check it out here.

10/9/01 - God, it feels good to actually post something on here that is new! OK, here is the skinny: First, Matt is dead. Yep you heard me, a demon has stolen his soul, and so he is dead. However, God came along and sent us a new team member, Chris. Chris is so good he is Christ-like! OK, that brings us to the next bit of info; SlickShit is about to under go some major changes. We will be redesigning the site in the next few weeks, adding all new films, and pretty soon making a flash enhanced version of the site. Also, there will be NEW music from a kick ass up and going rap group. Well, please check back often to see all the improvements.

On a side note, if you would like to send Matt an email about how he is lame and died, just click on this link -

6/6/01 - Well, once again, we are very sorry for making you wait so long for an update. Jim has been working hard on school and just got back from NY and Matt...well, Matt is just hard! OK, onto the important stuff, while in NY, Jim hooked up with a new guy who is gonna supply SlickShit with a nice constant supply of new films. Now granted they aren't fully edited, but we all figured you would rather see it raw and now than edited and in a month. The name of this new memeber of SlickShit is none other than Scotty2Hotty! This guy is nuts, so go and check him out. Other than that, SlickShit is working on a weekly or bi weekly series that will have people in costumes perform amazing feats, like order a pizza, etc. Soon we will post a comments section about it, so you can vote for your favorite clips and pick the next costume. Look for this and more in the next couple weeks.

4/18/01 - Jesh, we have been really busy working on stuff we are sure you will all like! So check it out: First, in the next two days, we will have a new T-shirt design. Second, within the next month, we will have a bi-weekly video series of some of SlickShit's cast in funny costumes. As for what kind of costumes and what they will be doing, well that will change every episode, so just hang loose and get ready for what will be a ground breaking concept!

3/23/01 - Well, sorry for not updating stuff lately. Jim has been in NY looking for some hookers and Matt, well, no one is sure where he is, but if we pull out some crack he is sure to turn up soon. Well, enough small talk, first and foremost, we changed the chat room stuff, should work better. Also, we are giving everyone warning that very soon we will have a new film man- Scotty 2 Hotty and he will be bringing us some of the sickest wild nature footage anyone has ever seen. So take a toke and check back soon.

2/23/01 - Great news for all you SlickShit fans! Matt and Jim are getting together this weekend and working on new film ideas. They plan on making two new screen plays and going into full production in the next month. So stay tuned for lots of exciting action.

2/17/01 - For those of you who are new to SlickShit and for those old followers, we are still running our Easter Egg hunt. Only one person won, so if you want to, you can still win either a free T-Shirt or Video. There are no rules, and a HUGE hint is that it is somewhere on the bios page. Good luck.

2/16/01 - Sent out our third newsletter today. Also added a mailing list subscribe and unsubscribe page @ http://www.slickshit.org/maillist.htm

2/15/01 - Big updates today, we are now allowing our viewers to see our "Who-Is-On" stats. Click here to see the stats. Also we added a Java chat room so you can talk with Matt and Jim when they are online or just bs with other SlickShit fans. Click on this linky link to begin your chat!

2/13/01 - We have added a GTi section in the racing area of the site. It has picts and specs of the GTi race car SlickShit is working on. Take a peek and email the creator Chris and tell him what you think.

2/12/01 - Man, we are updating like crazy! Well, this is to tell everyone that SlickShit now is using 128-Bit secure servers for all orders and when you get a new email account. I hope you all feel much safer now, I know we do!

2/12/01 - Added a new shirt. We think you will all agree it is pretty bad-ass. Click here to take a look.

2/11/01 - Added some new comments to our feedbag section. Also we have some entries from Matt's Contest...see them here.

2/08/01 - Fixed some little stuff, mostly font faces and missing links and such. Always trying to make the place better you know! Big news...Matt started a nifty contest, the winner gets to do what they will with him. Click here to enter.

2/02/01 - SlickShit just added a racing section to the site. Currently the only thing on it is Motocross, but in the future there will be coverage of the GTi racing team SlickShit is starting. Currently on the motocross part there is download links to check out the trailer of SlickShit's new motocross film do out the second half of 2001. Click here to check it all out.

1/29/01 - This isn't anything that BIG, but we did make the T-shirts, Films and the Music pages available by going to www.slickshit.org/shirts or www.slickshit.org/films or www.slickshit.org/music. Nothing big, but just a slight aid for those of you who want the convenience.

1/26/01 - SlickShit added all their films in Real Player format. I think it had something to do with Jim not getting a job at Microsoft...not sure, but go to the Films page and check them out.

1/12/01 - Howdy, SlickShit is proud to announce that all the films are online and that they are now in much better quality, streaming, and you now have a choice of which quality to download. There is one instruction, you need to have Windows Media Player. Eventually we will make these also in Real Player format, but until then, make sure you have Media Player (you can download it on the films page). Hope you enjoy! Go to the films page by clicking here...

1/5/01 - Well, we finally have updated the site and got a new server. We are working very hard behind the scenes to fix little stuff and make the site a lot stronger. Some of the stuff you will see with this new site is: FREE EMAIL AGAIN (POP3, FORWARDING, AND WEB-BASED!), some new shirts are online, and a new speech forum is on this page. Soon we will be adding a racing page with links to motocross, rally, and street racing. We will also be adding a shopping card to our order forms soon. Well, hope you enjoy the site...please send us your comments.

11/15/00 - Today I added something to this site that I have been meaning to add for a long time: a little column-type thing. I know it sounds less than extra-exciting, but its there, and its new (i hear you have to keep it fresh for the internet audience these days)!! If you want to, you can read the first installment of what I hope will be a regularly updated portion of this site.

10/29/00 - We are so slack that we haven't updated this site in quite a long time. It's not like we are keeping valuable info from you, our loving public, though. The truth of the matter is that we haven't done a damn thing for about two months. Maybe soon we'll have some new material, but judging by the eventlessness of the last two months, I'm not going to write any checks my ass can't cash. Feel free to email me if you want to submit something, or tell us we suck.

8/31/00 - SlickShit is sad to announce that they will no longer be able to offer any new web-based or pop3 email accounts. They had a really good deal with a small company to give unlimited email accounts, however this deal has fallen apart and so until there is some more money coming into the company they are forced to limit the number of email accounts. SlickShit will be posting when free email is added again.

P.S. For anyone who has a SlickShit email account, it is still valid and fully functional.

8/22/00 - Well, SlickShit has now upload all their films to the website, so you can now download them if you are too broke to buy them. Just go to the films section.

8/16/00 - Hey kids. SlickShit has just finished two news films. They are both listed on the FILMS page. There is also new pricing for the videos. Enjoy!
Note: SlickShit will soon be posting all their films for download on their site. Watch for these films soon...

8/2/00 - Since no one has won our Easter Egg hunt, we have decided to give a HUGE freaking clue. The Easter Egg is on the Bios page! If you want to read the original press release of the Easter Egg Hunt, click here.

8/1/00 - Well, there is some really good news today. SlickShit just purchased a new high-end Video Editing Board. Jim and Matt got so excited that they both went out and smoked lots of crack! Once they come down, they will be getting together all next week to edit and film at least two new films. Look for these new films sometime around 8/15/00.

7/28/00 - Sorry for all the bs with the Canada Picts, we had lots of ISP and server problems. Lets say Canada is a great place, but the internet service sucks. By tomorrow we will have all the digital pictures online and in the next few weeks will we post lots of real camera pictures. Thanks for checking out all the live action!

Note: We also have two new comments in our "
FEEDBAG" section. Enjoy.

7/21/00 - We are sorry for not uploading the pictures from Canada, but we had problems with our ISP. During the time we were supposed to upload our pictures, we got a comment from Tom G. Click here to read his comment and our reply. Note: In the next week, will be uploading pictures after 11p.m. E.S.T.

7/17/00 - We have updated this info page to be more user-friendly. We have also completed all links for Canada, so please check out the site and make sure to come back this week when we are posting up pictures from our trip!

7/6/00 - SlickShit is hosting an Easter Egg hunt! (I know it is a little late.) Here is the deal. Somewhere on this site there is a small link. If you find this link, it will open a page with a beautiful picture and if you click on the picture you can email us. On that email, please include your name and address. The first person to find it will receive a free T-Shirt and the second will receive a free video. Happy Hunting!
ALSO: We have added a new T-Shirt and made some minor improvements to the site. Go to the
T-Shirts Page to check out the new design.

7/2/00 - SlickShit now has a "comments" page. We argued for a long time over a "comments" page because we knew that would mean people would actually be able to tell us what they thought of SlickShit. We have very delicate feelings you know. Well, now that it is up, go and tell us what you think! Please, we have been going to counseling, so be as honest as you can. SlickShit Comments Page.

6/24/00 - Well, after months of sitting on our asses and smoking crack, we finally decided to make a new interface for everyone. We thought long and hard and this is what we came up with. If you like it, cool. If you don't then write to biteme@slickshit.org

6/23/00 - We have just added some new links. We think you will really enjoy them. Go and check em out! Links

6/18/00 - SlickShit was HACKED! Someone broke into our server and placed some text on our main page. Luckily our multi-million dollar security firm found it before anything bad happened. We have posted the text that was placed on the main page so that people can see we don't take crap!

"Oh! it is jimpussy!! he is SO PUSSSY!! all of the day, he is pussy around; pussy pussy pussy! why can not do things for useful? because, he is SO PUSSY!! met another man, say, "Oh, yes, i am know of that jimpussy... why he so a pussy??" and i tell to him "Oh, do not ask the big secret, suffice to say, he pussy!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

6/14/00 - SlickShit is proud to announce we now have world-renowned filmmaker Peter Lytchfield working with us to create some awesome science fiction! Go to the Films section to see his work once it is posted.

6/12/00 - Slickshit is now located at www.SlickShit.org. We have moved here do the fact that the host of our old home www.SlickShit.net was a piece of shit, no pun intended. Now that we are here, we can offer many more things to our loyal followers such as; Free Web-Based or POP3 Email, Newsletters, New Order Forms, and much more...

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